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What Bali did to my skin

What bali did to my skin Bali and skin pollution acne scars pimples breaouts gladskin covid 19 bali masks

Okay so first off, Bali is my favourite place on earth. I was always drawn to ????????????????. It felt like I was meant to find something here. ⁣In 2015, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I planned to join the police ( I actually wanted to become a spy) but there were no spots. I heard about International Hospitality and that you could go abroad during these studies. I heard Bali was an option, started the study and ALWAYS said I was going to go there in my third year. Despite off all the ‘ ????????’???????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????..’ that I received when I spoke about Bali, I did move there in 2017. ⁣

I found my true passion there and made totally different life plans. From the dream of becoming a corporate leader, I now envisioned myself as an online business owner, travelling the world. I knew that as soon as my studies were over, I had to go back. I just had this burning desire. ⁣ So I prepared: sold all my things, worked full time online and booked a ticket. But it’s not all bliss and sunshine. In this post, I will tell you what Bali did to my skin, and what I did about it.

Bali & My Skin

Bali is a gorgeous island and a true paradise. However, there are also big differences to Europe health-wise and I noticed them already in 2017 when I first lived here. So I am going to explain what moving to Bali did to my skin. Bali has a lot of pollution, because of all the motorbikes that are used on the island. The air pollution is not controlled and there are still loads of very old vehicles going around. I once went on a day trip to the east of the island, we drove for 6 hours in total. After this trip, my skin broke out so badly. Then the fact that the Balinese are used to burning their trash also doesn’t help. Burning plastic causes a release of methane, dioxins, benzene and nitrogen dioxide and these have all been confirmed to damage our health (and the environment!).

Then there is the Vulcano, yes you heard that right. In 2017 the volcano erupted a bit. This released a lot of ashes into the air, making the air quality even worse. However, this is of course not always the case but also something to keep in mind. Furthermore, I also believe that water quality affects my skin too. You can’t drink the water as domestic sewage, agriculture and industrial waste polluted most of Bali’s clean water sources. The water often smells really bad and can sometimes even be brown. I also noticed that the local people have often very bad skin too. I once went to Gili Trawangan and saw that the locals had amazing skin there. And this is because on Gili T everyone has a bicycle and not a scooter or motorbike. So there is almost no pollution from traffic.

I always had a difficult skin, in puberty, I used to break out badly too and had a lot of red marks on my face. I tried loads of things back then, and probably too much. Luckily, my skin cleared up a lot once I started birth control. I always thought that Bali was going to make my skin even better as there is sun and sea water. But I was wrong and started to get spots on my face. Again, I tried some products that I used at home a lot but nothing really worked. Which made me realize what Bali did to my skin and I also understood why.

I decided I wanted to do some research about products and what exactly they do to your skin. I also know that for my sensitive skin, using too much products makes things even worse. I searched for a brand backed by science as I had already tried so many beauty product that were based mainly on marketing. I came across Gladskin, their products only kill bad bacteria with a patented enzyme, and don’t contain any harsh ingredients that will hurt your skin (like alcohol). So I reached out to them myself to see if I could work with them.

I have been trying their products now for a month and saw such a big difference. I have the face wash, the scrub and the acne gel. I have less small inflammations and in general more clear skin. I also noticed that the redness in my face decreased, which is probably because the acne gel helped balance out my skins microbiome. Next to the wonders, it did on my face, I also used it on my leg when I had a bad skin rash. And it really helped to control it as again the products only kill the bad bacteria, but leave the good necessary bacteria intact. I can honestly recommend their products as I know what being on Bali can do to your skin. I also heard many stories of girls with the same problems here. I feel like in general, travelling and being in planes too affects our skin so much.
Technology Behind Gladskin

What bali did to my skin Bali and skin pollution acne scars pimples breaouts gladskin covid 19 bali masks

Technology Behind Gladskin

As I said, I did a lot of research about the brand before I contacted them. So I am happy to share some of my key takeaways with all of you.

Gladskin works with a patented enzyme called Staphefekt™️, this is the only enzym that targets the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (S. Aureus) which causes roughly 80% of common skin problems, like acne, eczema and rosacea. There are no other harsh ingredients in Gladskin products, which makes sure that the good bacteria stay on your skin. We need the good bacteria to maintain healthy skin as they balance the microbiome of our skin and fight off any bad bacteria the skin comes in contact with. The enzyme Staphefekt, breaks down the cell wall of the S. Aureus bacteria while leaving the important good ones intact. This process makes the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria just fall apart and disintegrate.

Our skin doesn’t become resistant to the products making it safe to use on a daily basis. The products have no harmful side effects and can even be used for young children. I personally used their Acne line now, but would also be interested to try the Rosacea products. The acne line is focused on reducing pimples and blemishes while preserving the skin’s microbiome. It also doesn’t contain alcohol, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

I am so happy that I researched and found this brand as I will definitely continue to use it. Most of the times when I find a good skin product I also stick to it as my skin is so sensitive.

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What bali did to my skin Bali and skin pollution acne scars pimples breaouts gladskin covid 19 bali masks
What bali did to my skin Bali and skin pollution acne scars pimples breaouts gladskin covid 19 bali masks
What bali did to my skin Bali and skin pollution acne scars pimples breaouts gladskin covid 19 bali masks

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  • I assure you that the island of Bali is a very safe island even for women. Everyone here freely and comfortably deals from one of the most famous tourist places in Bali. A very special temple in its shape and distinctive architectural style. Thank you very much for everything

    Best regards. Amine


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