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Welcome to my blog !

Hi Babes!✈

This is my first blog post. I already wanted to start blogging for a year or so. I also already had a blog, but only for members of that site. It was quite personal, I shared my travels but also just what I experienced. I wanted to do this while I travelled so I could remember where I went and what I did. But soon I had no time to write on there daily. So luckily I kept a record of the places I had been because I would otherwise for sure forget. We almost travelled every weekend when I was in Indonesia and Thailand. So it’s quite a lot to recall. That is why I decided to start a blog and post my most interesting stories and experiences. I will also share some other things like fashion, photo editing and so on. I am also busy writing a short ebook on Instagram and social media. And currently working on my own presets in Lightroom which I might publish soon on this blog for free.

So cheers to my first post ☾

Travelling and Cheers to first blog post

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