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Watch or Hunt Dolphins ?! – Lovina

Did I just Watch or Hunt dolphins? – Lovina

This was the question I asked myself when we visited the place Lovina, in the north of Bali.

So we arranged a boat at 6 o’clock in the morning. To go see the dolphins. We went in these funny boats with sidebars in the water. ( Strange description but check the picture 😉 ) I was so excited !! We were with 9 people in total, so we were divided into two boats. We had to wear a life jacket and were promised to get breakfast on the boat. So we indeed received a banana,  a sandwich and water. The sun started to rise, but it was very cloudy. So only once in a while, we saw some dolphins in a distance. Because the most dolphins come to the surface when the sun is the most bright.

But when we saw a few dolphins, in the distance, all the boats ( like 20) went at the same time full speed to those dolphins. And because one boat driver saw another boat driver go somewhere: EVERYBODY just followed. Without even seeing a dolphin. Just because they thought that person saw maybe one. So for me, it felt more like hunting. It was so unnatural. And because there were so many boats, all the boats blocked the view to spot a single dolphin clearly. So my boat almost photographed nothing. So I am glad I have some shots from my other friends. But still, this was for me not a really nice experience.

So if anyone ever wants to visit Lovina to see dolphins. Please DO! But keep in mind this tip I received from other friends: you should go around half past 7. Then most boats are out snorkelling and the sun will shine bright! Then the driver will just go slow and its a way better experience.

Next to the dolphins, we snorkelled. Which was included in the dolphin seeing? It was really pretty! But not as pretty as Gili T or Nusa Penida for example. And the city Lovina, well where was the city? We tried to go there, but there was not really a city. We did go to this awesome beach club. Which has super good food! But for a small weekend, Lovina is great! We stayed at a hotel with a pool, that I call Water Water. It had an infinity pool at the ocean. Which was really gorgeous!

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