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Splish Splash at Astarte Suites

So OMG I was so so lucky that I was allowed to visit the Astarte Suites during my trip to Santorini.

I send them my Pitch before I went to Santorini and basically didn’t expect that they would reply. But surprisingly they liked my pitch and offered me one day access to their award-winning infinity pool. I was thrilled! So I prepared myself for the ultimate goal pictures. And nothing is less true, there is no spot at Astarte where you can’t take gorgeous Instagram snaps. It’s just not possible to get an ugly shot. And I knew it was game on. So I brought my own floaty(didn’t need it cuz they prepared a giant swan for me and there was already a flamingo), I brought my GoPro with dome(half underwater shots) and at least 2 bikinis. I used their Instagram for some inspo and boom good to go.

Okay, so let’s talk about Astarte. They have an award-winning infinity pool with the best view ever. On the day that we were there, the sky was so blue with perfect clouds. The water is crystal blue and the perfect temperature to cool down. Next to this, everything outdoor is perfectly white, blue or grey. AND painted again every season (sometimes twice !!)

To make it even more amazing, they also have a beautiful restaurant called Alali Restaurant. The food was delicious and looked absolutely stunning. And it is true value for money, it was not even that pricy in my opinion! I had a delicious smoked salmon sandwich(salmon is my fav food ever as you know) and Gijs had a Salmon Salad.

They have 6 different types of accommodation :

  • Junior Suites:             Indoor Jacuzzi and private balcony (With Gorgeous Views !)
  • Senior Suites:             Indoor Jacuzzi, private balcony and all life’s essentials of the 21st-century comforts.
  • Executive Suites:        Open air Jacuzzi in private panoramic tarrace.
  • Honeymoon Suites:   Couples Jacuzzi and spacious balcony.
  • Astarte Suite:             Private infinity pool, indoor Jacuzzi and panoramic terrace.
  • Cave Pool Suite:         Private cave pool, indoor Jacuzzi and panoramic terrace! This one is brand new and so epic! Check the picture below :


You definitely won’t be disappointed !!! If I ever go back to Santorini, I will make sure to stay with Astarte.





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