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Santorini Insta Guide

Top Places to visit and shoot in Santorini, Greece. Here are some santorini-insta-guide

Santorini Trip Guide(Instagram Places, Things to do & tips)

Instagrammable Places

  • ** There are a lot of donkey services at Santorini, please don’t use these! Read more at the end of this post or watch my IGTV video **
  1. Fira

Fire is the capital of Santorini, we stayed here at a hotel. It has many gorgeous alleys with lots of good photo spots. We just strolled around here to find nice places. There are not many blue domes, mostly white houses.

The night life here is also amazing! Lots of nice restaurants, bars and clubs to go out! And the most amazing markets to shop lots of nice things. There are also many normal shopping streets for clothing.


2. Oia

Oia is THE Instagram place of Santorini. You will find flowers, bells, churches, blue domes, amazing views, windmills and just everything white and blue. We came here twice, once during the morning (10:00), it was so crowded and extremely busy. The next day we went on a sunrise mission. we started at 05:30.

I was disappointed at first. All bloggers make it seem so easy to stand on the blue dome buildings and take pictures on the roofs. Well, it’s actually really high, dangerous and actually disrespectful. Because we are actually climbing on their churches. So don’t assume it’s easy to get up there. And if you do, take off your shoes and be super silent.

Only waited 40 mins for a newly wed couple to finish at the bell tower spot????
Okay so let me give you a time table for when you visit Oia:
06:00 : Maybe alone, maybe some bloggers
06:30 : Newly weds and instagrammers
07:00 : photo shoots
08:00 : standing in lines
09:00: you will never get a photo alone nor stand on a roof
10:00 : Don’t even try to get a shot without the 10000 people crowd
11:00 : eat souvlaki, don’t try to make pictures ????

3. Visit a Resort like Astarte Suites

I got a collaboration with Astarte Suites, so we were chilling all day at their amazing infinity pool. You can read all about Astarte Suites in my blog post about my stay here.


4. Go on a Catamaran Cruise
caldera yachting

We went on a cruise with Caldera Yachting on a Catamaran and it was the best experience ever! Great music, good food and drinks and an amazing crew! They told us a lot of fun stories and tried to talk to everyone individually. We could literally sit everywhere, even next to the captain in the shade! We visited an island and the volcanic area. It ended with a BBQ on the boat, delicious souvlaki!

5. White & Red Beach ???? Akrotiri

White & Red beach are great places to visit. But don’t expect a sandy beach, it’s full of rocks. So I would recommend bringing swimming shoes. (actually, for most beaches on Santorini this will be a plus). However, take care when visiting these beaches. Red beach is known to have landslides so now and then, which is really dangerous! We drove on our ATV close to Red beach and had to climb the rocks from there to visit the beach. I don’t think it’s a must, and as it’s dangerous you might want to pass Red Beach.

6. Transportation on Santorini

We rented an ATV for the 8 days that we visited Santorini. It’s very cheap and easy to drive, gasoline is also very affordable. AND I can’t stress this enough, the donkeys are NOT an ethical way of transportation, it’s 2019 for F* sake. You can see in my Santorini highlight video’s how steep the streets are, it hurts my legs so it will definitely hurt donkeys. The donkeys are wounded badly by all the tourist that ride them all the time. Please watch this video for a better understanding. What you do with an ATV is your thing, go as bold as you want as it’s not an animal.


  • Rent an ATV
  • Buy swimming shoes
  • Bring lots of sunscreen
  • Go early to Oia
  • Visit and support donkey santuary


  • Ride a donkey
  • Visit Red Beach without being careful
  • Get a sunburn
  • Disrespect churches

Let me know in the comment section if you enjoy my santorini-insta-guide

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