A reflection on the year 2019 by Jet

Here is a reflection of my life in the year 2019. I started 2019 quite lonely, as I watched the fireworks by myself from Primrose Hill on a blanket. I lived in London at that time for around 4 months, and just came out of a long relationship, could have gone home to the Netherlands for NYE, but thought that would make everything even sadder. Also could have joined one of my friends in London with her family, however, I wanted to be alone and show myself that it’s also okay to do things on my own. And I actually really enjoyed myself.

So after this, I entered 2019 quite confident, I started to go to the gym around 5/6 times a week. My gym was 24hours open, so I sometimes even went in the night (like 03:00). I let go of a lot of things like many toxic friendships, people that didn’t support me and basically started to network with more like-minded people.

Creating Friendship & Bonding

I was really fortunate to meet Aba, as we became really good friends and basically met up every single weekend. We would shoot together, eat out, party and go on trips together. I also got very lucky with the colleagues that I had during my internship. We would go to the pub every Friday after work, as expected from the British work/drink culture. Because of this, your colleagues also became your friends quite quickly, we would see each other on the weekend or during the workweek as well. At some point in 2019, I bonded very closely with Suzie & Vero, 2 of my colleagues. And we would go out and party very often with the 3 of us.

I do really know that I gained some friends for life during my time in London.

This was me and my very good friend Aba in our shared moments
Making new friends and bonding characterized my London experience

Furthermore, I really started to focus on the online business that I had on the side at that time. I would feel very overwhelmed, as it felt like I was working 5 jobs. I worked a full-time job, had to finish my school projects and thesis, worked on my marketing business, had to run my Instagram and webshop/website. But I went for it and worked on everything whenever I had some free time, oh yeah and did I already say that I still continued to go to the gym 5/6 times a week, guess that’s why I did that in the night lol.


Early March, I went to Henley Aba for a nice content trip, you can read all about it here. And in April, I decided to go home for King’s Day (the Dutch festive day to celebrate our royalties) and went out with my best friend Marloes.

As a collab, I got VIP tickets to the festival in Amsterdam, called Kingsland.  We had so much fun! We also went to the flower fields in the Netherlands, and it was so pretty! So I came back to the UK with a lot of spring content, and I am so thankful that Marloes my number 1 supporter when it comes to everything I do. I also visited Brighton a few times while I lived in London. As one of my good friends Florence did her internship there. And it was nice to get out of the city sometimes, as London can be very busy.

2 other trips I did in 2019 were Manchester and Budapest. I went to Manchester with a friend, and we had the best time! We visited many highlights and just had a very relaxed weekend away. You can read all about this trip here. Around June I went on a trip with Aba to Budapest ( yay our first international adventure) to shoot content AND of course to visit Suzie’s wedding! It was a win-win, the first time that I went to a wedding and the first time in Budapest. Aba and I woke up almost every day so early to shoot and were quite tired.

Time for Change

At some point in 2019, I also decided to dye my hair dark brown. Which stuck until now, as I really like it.  It made me look a bit older and I was just done with the blonde highlights that I used to get from the sun. I think it’s also funny how London changed my style and wardrobe too. Going out in jeans and sneakers is not done in London, you had to wear a dress and heels which is actually quite nice. At work, I also wore heels and a dress or suit. So I came back to the Netherlands with a totally different wardrobe.

Then it was time for me to say goodbye to London ☹ I looked forward to it as well because it meant that I was going to start a new chapter. I could have stayed in London to continue to work for Hilton potentially, but I just knew that I had to try to follow my dream. Otherwise, I would have wondered What If I did succeed online? So I had goodbye dinners with my close friends and Aba came to say goodbye when I was about to leave with my parents.

Home Coming

And then reality hit in, you are going back to the Netherlands. You will live again with your parents while you lived by yourself for so long. You have different friends now in the Netherlands and lost some too. I felt like I had to start over more or less. Find a new gym, find new habits and work 100% from home. So yeah, the first month was quite stressful and overwhelming too. But I made my first sales in my second month because I focused 100% on my online business, I only worked online. I was very lucky that I had and still have this amazing online community, as they made the transition from 9-5 to full independent a lot easier.

In August I turned 21 and had a big party with all my dearest friends! I mean even Aba flew from London to the Netherlands for my bday! I had my graduation in November and graduated a Bachelor in Business Administration for International Hospitality Management. A study that taught me a lot about myself. I also designed some AR filters with Spark AR software, something I never thought I would manage to do. Next to this, I created some networks for 2020 and can tell you BIG things are coming.

Purpose and Passion

I guess 2019 was the year where I truly understood what I wanted to do in life. It was also the year where I landed some big paid partnerships with brands that I totally love! And they definitely set the tone for 2020, as I will still work with some of those same brands. I think you can summarize it by saying that I did work hard, party harder, I knew my worth and was chasing my dream 24/7.

I found my purpose and my passion, which I am still chasing every single day.

2020 is going to start with a bang by my move to Bali. Which is exciting and scary but that’s life. This is the longest blog post that I ever did, so cheers if you are still reading. I guess this is also some kind of closure and a reflection on the year 2019 for myself.

Lots of love, Jet

marjet van Wijk in bali swing, bahawa swing
Bali Swing, Bahawa Swing

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  • Found your blog through Pinterest and I have to say, this was a really refreshing read! Didn’t mind the length at all! Anyway, cheers to your amazing and very eventful 2019 and may you find more exciting adventures in Bali this upcoming 2020!


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