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Radius, the lifestyle mobile app for Bali

In Bali Gojek and Grab are very popular apps when it comes to lifestyle services and deliveries. In this blog post, I will tell you why Radius is more convenient to use in Bali! I went on a Day With Radius(Watch the youtube video here), and it was an amazing experience. I will tell you why Radius is the lifestyle mobile app for Bali!

Radius is a lifestyle mobile app that provides all services in one app. It’s currently live in Bali and will soon launch in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and American markets. Radius App offers a safe mobile app solution to make your holiday or home more enjoyable! All entrepreneurs that offer services have been trained and verified by Radius’ professional concierge services team. The team is available on-demand and can come to any location at any time.

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Who are they?

Radius App Bali

Radius purpose is to provide trusted, certified entrepreneurs in any community so that everyone can experience their lifestyle at choice. The app serves tourists, business visitors and residents in a one-stop platform to access all kinds of services and goods! They provide amazing support and training to the entrepreneurs so that they can deliver an excellent customer experience.

My Day With Radius

I did a full day with Radius to experience multiple services and to see what the app is like. We started the day by getting amazing massages with Massage Us. The 2 massage therapist came to my house and were wearing official Radius clothing which I really liked. Their English was great and they brought their own oil, blanket and music. After the amazing massage, we booked a car with a driver for 5 hours, with Drive Us. His name was Puta and he brought us to some ricefields for exploring. After this, we were dropped off at our dinner place and he brought us back home too! We used one of the restaurants listed in their Recommend Us section. Furthermore, we ordered alcohol with Party Us! I hadn’t had good wine in ages so I ordered a red wine from Two Islands. I was a happy girl!

All Their Features

Radius App Bali

Massage Us

Fancy a nice massage but not comfortable going to a massage place? Then this is for you! I feel like getting massages at home makes you feel even more relaxed. And after the massage you don’t have to go home, you can stay in the relaxed state of mind in your home and go to bed or do something chill. I also feel like getting it somewhere else can be a hassle with changing, showering, being oily and just general comfort. Another cool thing is that you can select the person in advance and read the reviews, so you know exactly what you like! And if you liked someone, you can order that exact person again for the next time!

Scoot Us

Ready to experience the real Bali life? Then Radius is the app for in Bali! Most people visiting Bali will rent a scooter as it’s so convenient to get around. However, it can be scary and dangerous too at times. And how do you know if your scooter provider can be trusted? Radius offers a legitimate scooter rental service with everything you need and more! They provide Road Side Assistance, Insurance, Phone Holder, Rain Coat, 2 Helmets and a full tank of fuel, Basically everything you need to have the best scooter experience.

Radius App Bali
Radius App Bali

Drive Us

Maybe you are not comfortable on a scooter or you plan to do a long trip? – a driver is at your service with Radius. Unlike most apps, with Radius you book the driver for a certain amount of hours. You can decide where you want to go, which gives you way more flexibility then booking a new driver from point A-B all the time. Because when you finish earlier at a sightsee place and want to go to the next one, your driver will be there waiting for you. I also have to say that the prices are super cheap!

Tour Us

Tour Us is an option that is still in the making. But it means that you would be able to book tours and trips via the app as well! For example to Nusa Penida! You won’t have to arrange every single thing yourself, it could be easy to find on the app and all trusted and verified.

Radius App Bali
Radius App Bali

Party Us

AAAH this is an option I needed #sorrynotsorry. It’s honestly so hard to find good and reasonable priced alcohol in Bali. Most of the wines cost a fortune as they are imported and local wines taste yuk. This feature deliveries the party right to your doorstep for a very affordable price. Also, you are sure the alcohol is real and not an imitation. We had red wine from Two Islands, it has imported grapes from Australia and vinified in Bali. The taste was amazing and the price was good as well.

Nanny Us

Well, I don’t have kids, but I can imagine that when you are on holiday in Bali or even live here and want to have a day off, that this could be amazing. The nannies are verified and trained, so you are sure someone with good skills is taking care of your children. Also, you can again pick the person you would like to choose and after that select the same person if you liked their service.

Radius App Bali
Radius App Bali

Recommend Us

Radius has a recommendation section for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Beach Bars, Sunsets, Kids Friendly places, Sports Bars and Warungs. All these places have been tested and verified, so you can rest assured that the food and hygiene are of high standards. Great for when you want to avoid Bali Belly haha! We had dinner at a place from this section, called Nostimo. It was a Greek restaurant and exceeded our expectations!

Why is Radius better than other apps?

So many reasons! First off, Gojeck and Grab make you download other apps to use their services like GoMassage. This will take up more memory on your phone and just have the hustle of having so many different apps. Next to this, Radius allows you to pick the actual person and see their profile beforehand. Also, all people are verified and went through training. While I feel like a lot of people that I had on other apps can’t speak English, are dodgy and often just rude.

Radius also has super strong branding which just made me feel very comfortable with the brand. Everyone wore their official shirts and equipment was all from Radius. Moreover, Radius has more options to customize which creates a more tailored service. Examples are the facts that with Drive Us you book a driver for certain amounts of hours and not just destinations. Also, Scoot Us offers things like insurance, raincoats, phone holders and Road Assistance. I think that Radius is a great lifestyle app for Bali since it offers a lot, has many variations, customizable options and it’s all within one platform. This all definitely makes Radius, the lifestyle mobile app for Bali.

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Radius App Bali
Radius App Bali
Radius App Bali

Download the app now and enter my code RADIUSB49f2954 to get 15% off your first purchase!

Radius App Bali

Watch here my highlight about Radius and an IGTV video about my Day With Radius.

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