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My adventure in Asia

Hi there!

So before I start to tell some experiences and stories on this blog about my adventure in Asia, I thought a little background info can’t do any harm. I am studying International Hospitality Management in the Netherlands at Stenden University Leeuwarden. It is an international education, so completely in English. This school has students from all over the world. It has locations in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and Qatar. During my minor(specialization course) period, we had the opportunity to follow 2 modules in another location of Stenden University. I chose to study Event Management 1 & 2 in Bali and Bangkok for half a year.

So I arrived on 01 September 2017 in Bali, Denpasar. We lived here in a hotel and I was going 3 days a week to the University Triatma mulya Stenden/ Stenden Bali. I learned all the theory to become an Event Manager. I could travel every weekend with my friends to beautiful places in Bali. And in the holidays we went to the Gili Islands, Lombok and Flores. Next to this, I could go with a Grab Scooter(like Uber) after school to the beach. We were living the Bali life.

Bali Swing, Bahawa Swing

I arrived on 13 November in Thailand, Bangkok. We lived in apartments together with some Thai locals. For this module, we had to organize an actual event. I had to organize the event Universities Fighting World Hunger-  Food Foolish Series. My event team and I had to attend meetings with our client I think 2/3 times a week. Furthermore, we worked almost all day and night on the project as time proceeded. I traveled (almost) every weekend outside of Bangkok. And throughout the day the beaches were too far, but we could go with a bus to the city center which was around 20 minutes. My boyfriend visited me on the Christmas holiday. We flew together to Phuket and went with the boat to Koh PhiPhi. Our Food Foolish Series event ended on 18 January,  successfully. I designed the marketing material, created the videos, and ran the Facebook page. You can check it out if you like to.

I landed on the 28th of January 2018 in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. And my life picked up its regular path again. I live with my parents now. They live near my university, which saves me a lot of costs. I wanted to travel again the moment I got back. So I have some exciting European trips and summer holiday trips ahead.

My last study year of this education is an internship of 10 months. I hope to do this abroad or in Amsterdam. So we will see where I go next 🙂


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