Hi Marjet, I’m so happy to introduce you to the Modafirma team and readers! For our readers who might be hearing about your blog and Insta for the first time, could you tell us a bit more about when and how you started blogging?

Yes of course!! My name is Marjet (but most people call me Jet), I’m a travel and fashion blogger, also very passionate about photography and videography. I have an Instagram page called mar_jetsetter, where I share my travel photos, tips, stories and much more. I always try to share some ‘realness’ wherever I go, and I am a big supporter of charities throughout my travels. Besides all this, I designed my own website where I share my blogposts, Instagram tips, collaborations and my presets for Adobe Lightroom..and there are many more upcoming things like YouTube and IGTV.

Your Instagram account is a mix of fashion, travel and lifestyle – which of these is closest to your heart at the moment?

I would definitely say travel. I am a big lover of lifestyle and fashion, however, travel will always be in my heart. I love discovering new places and getting to know new cultures. It makes me realize how big this world is and that there’s so much left to discover. While travelling, I also discover new fashion and lifestyle trends ..so in the end, it’s basically all connected.

We have serious travel-envy every time we look at the amazing places you’ve been to! What was the most fun place to visit this year and what places are on your bucket list for next year?

That is a tough question!!! The most beautiful place I visited this year was KelingKeling Beach at Nusa Penida. The road to this place was so difficult, probably even dangerous – but the view was absolutely rewarding, it felt like a dream. I will stay in London this year, so I hope to have some classic Europe trips like Paris. And for the long-term, the goal is definitely the Maldives! (because who doesn’t want to go there?)

Do you have a childhood fashion hero/current style inspiration who you’d love to work with on an upcoming fashion project?

My current hero in Fashion and Travel is definitely Aggie Lal (aka @travel_inhershoes). She travels to the most beautiful places while telling her story. I love her diverse fashion style! She always wears the most gorgeous clothes and matches everything with her accessories.

What shopping advice would you give to the Modafirma customers?

I would say have a look around and absorb diverse fashion styles. All brands on Modafirma are unique and ethical, and I am sure that everyone can find something they will adore. Play safe and find your style or be bold and try something new ????


Modafirma is all about positive and empowering fashion, and we actively support independent and sustainable brands. When did you first meet the term “ethical fashion”?

I think the awareness of ethical fashion arose for me when the horrible accident happened in the Bangladesh factory. Something this horrible and sad makes you realize what you are buying. I think it becomes more and more important every day to understand what you are actually wearing and buying. I can’t say that I only wear ethical products, but I do wear them a lot and I am going to integrate ethical fashion more and more into my day to day wardrobe.

Why do you think it’s important for society (fashion brands, creatives and customers all included) to explore more about the positive, ethical side of luxury and affordable luxury fashion?

I think it is important because it actually makes a difference. Buying ethical clothes will support the movement and hopefully be the future. Nowadays everyone is stuck because of consumerism. We feel a desire to buy things that are a trend now and more tempted to buy them at cheap prices. While we are not thinking about the conditions of laborers, their salaries and the production process with its environmental impact. And this needs to change.

Is there a specific cause (such as environmental-friendly production, joining the no-fur movement, human right protection in workplaces) about ethical fashion that you are the most interested in?

They are all equally important, but my heart goes out to the human right protection in workplaces the most. It is awful how big clothing brands use people at the lowest salary and in the worst conditions to produce clothing.

Images: via Instagram
Marjet x Modafirma Interview