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The more my account grew, the more dm’s I received asking about my editing programs and presets. I use Lightroom to edit my pictures. Lightroom is an Adobe program that gives you the power to edit your pictures with so many settings. Presets are beforehand made settings that make it easier for you to edit your photos. I made my presets available for people that are interested and want to learn how to use Lightroom for their own photos. I don’t claim in any way that I am a ‘ Lightroom professional’, I am just sharing my passion with everyone. And I thought, why not?

  • All orders include a Lightroom Preset guide. This guide will teach you how to use my presets correctly.
  • I created tutorials about my presets for Lightroom Desktop and Lightroom mobile app. The pictures used in these tutorials are provided by my followers.
  • Presets available for Desktop and Mobile Application(No Adobe account necessary!)
  • You can e-mail me at any time if you need any help or have a question about my presets
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And if you ever have any questions about my presets, feel free to drop me a line at

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  • Dania

    ooh I love your presets!!

    • admin

      So happy you do! If you ever have any questions let me know xxx


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