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Interview Marjet X Charlie


REPOST from my Interview with Charlie:

Marjetsetter is a amazing blogger who has been travelling the world sharing her stories with everyone

This is the website to be on, it has all her up to date stories, brands everything she has has been up to. But this time I got to ask her the questions, 

Q).What made you first start blogging?

A1).I was super inspired by @travelinhershoes! She showed me what is all possible with a large following and good blog

Q).What motivates you to blog?

A2).I think it’s my everyday mind that goes from one topic to the other. I think about so many things everyday and I experience nice stories that I want to share with every one ! I want to inspire others to do the same as me and do what they love most:travelling

Q).If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is just starting out what would it be and why?

A3).It would be to not be afraid ! Just try if you like it and where it leads you too. Maybe follow a course or read a book to start off properly

Q).If you could go back and do one thing again what would it be?

A4). I think I would go back to Bali with the knowledge that I have now. Because I could have taken way better shots and could for sure improve my edit skills ????

Thank you so much for doing this with some amazing answers please people follow this wonderful lady! @mar_jetsetter also if you liked this little post give me a follow @chazpackham ✌️????✈️

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