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How to move to Bali in 2020

How to move to Bali in 2020

How to pack your bags and move to Bali for a long period. And I’m just going to be in your face and say: It’s Not Hard At All! That is why this is an all-inclusive blog post, referring to in detail articles that I’m writing along the way around How to Move to Bali????

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I will receive a small amount of commission if you would make a sale. The great thing is that this does not change anything for you, the best it can do is give you some discounts from time to time!

Why did I decide to move to Bali?

I’ve lived in Bali 3 years ago(2017) when I was doing my minor in Event Management for Stenden University( I studied International Hospitality Management). At that time, I lived in Bali for 3 months and then moved to Bangkok for 3 months. This experience (called Grandtour) changed my entire life and showed me what I truly want in life. Therefore, I finished my study and packed my bags to move back to a place that made me once so happy! I knew the people are the kindest I’ve ever met, I loved the culture, the food was amazing, the sun makes me happy and the opportunities are immense.

Picture with red dress in ricefield How to Move to Bali in 2020 clean

I felt really like an outsider in the Netherlands while working online. Nobody seemed to understand what the possibilities are and why it’s legit an amazing ‘career’  path. Moreover, I valued chasing my happiness over money, and not everyone could understand that. Almost every expat in Bali works online, there are many co-working places and lots of networking events. I wanted to be surrounded with like-minded people that would motivate me to challenge myself even further. I also think it’s the perfect place to save money while still being able to live a ‘luxury’ lifestyle. And saving money means having more money to invest in my business, it’s a win-win situation.

I am breaking down my own experience and things I wished I knew before on How to move to Bali

Before you go:

Basic Plan: Income from working online, using savings, doing an internship or exchanging services.

The first and basic thing is to determine whether you want to move to Bali and: use all your savings, earn an income online, do an internship or use services like work-away.

Personally, I had some savings and a very irregular income (some months I made €0) which was kind of scary. I have different income streams, and even started some new businesses here! So my choice was to invest and work on my own businesses and make an income in this way. However, there are many different ways to work online, I wrote a blogpost a while ago about what I’m mainly doing. Update coming soon!

Next to this, there are opportunities to do internships, they will sponsor your accommodation up to a certain amount per month and provide you a budget for food & beverage spendings at the property you work for. One company that some of my friends do their internship with is called Paradise Interns, you can find loads of information on their website! This is a digital marketing internship, teaching A-Z for an effective digital marketing strategy.

Before going to Bali, I also looked into Workaway. They are a culture exchange website meaning that: You help people(with work) in exchange for accommodation and sometimes also meals. This means that if you don’t have an online income yet or not a lot of savings you will be able to live in Bali while doing some work and getting free accommodation in return. These jobs vary from Hospitality jobs at hotels/hostels to teaching kids new skills. Because of that, I think this is a great opportunity and a way to travel and live ALL around the world. So yeah, this definitely belongs to the How to move to Bali list. I think there is a fee of €42 for the membership for a year, which is not too bad I think.

Arranging a Visa & Flight Tickets

I booked a one-way ticket from the Netherlands to Denpasar, for € 424,99 in January. It was Amsterdam – Zurich with Swiss Air and from Zurich – Singapore – Denpasar with Singapore Airlines. And I booked a ticket out of Indonesia for Visa purposes only from Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in March(after 60 days).  I always book my tickets via Cheap tickets. I arrived in the rainy season now(January) however there is only some rain now and then, and I only had 1 rainy day in the full month that I’m here. So I wouldn’t worry too much about rain seasons. Plus it’s less touristy now during the rain season, which I actually prefer!

You can come to Bali without a Visa and apply (in Bali) for a Visa on Arrival (30 days). You can extend this once, so you could stay 60 days in total. Some people choose to do this and take Visa Runs every 60 Days to Singapore. But that’s too much hassle in my opinion.

I applied for a Tourist Visa(B211A) in the Netherlands, the Hague. This allowed me to stay for 2 months and extend and change the visa so I can stay for 6 months. Check your countries Indonesian Embassy website to see what you need and what the timelines are. In normal circumstances in the Netherlands, I made a visa appointment (slots were for 2 weeks ahead) and after the appointment, I could pick up my Visa after 5 days. So I would start this 1 month before you leave for sure! Once you get it you have 90 days to enter Indonesia. I got a single-entry visa, however, I would recommend a multi-entry if you have the possibility to do so.

According to the Dutch Embassy I needed:

  • One original passport-sized photograph
  • National passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry in Indonesia.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A copy of your flight itinerary (to and out of Indonesia), specifying the name of the passenger, flight dates and numbers.
  • Completing the Application Form

I contacted Visa 4 Bali once I arrived in Bali with this Visa. They helped me to extend and change my Visa, arrange a sponsor and all the admin work. I only had to go to their office in Jimbaran once for my fingerprints, and now they will arrange everything for me for the 6 months. I chose this because I don’t want to go to Imigrasi every month in Denpasar and risk making a mistake. It’s super easy now and I don’t have to worry about anything! Their extension service is 800K every time and includes: Pick up and drop off of your passport, the fingerprint appointment, great communication and all the necessary things to get your visa approved!

Travel Insurance

I am still registered in the Netherlands for my medical insurance as I’m coming back within 180 days. However, I did get extra insurance to cover all medical costs, accidents, theft, my luggage, court bills and lawyer support. I got my insurance with Allianz Globetrotter as I had it before and they paid all my medical bills when I had to go to the hospital and paid for my phone when it got stolen! So I knew it was great insurance. I think I paid around €350 for 6 months, which sounds like a lot but they cover everything: SOS Support, Accidents, Luggage(premium), Medical Costs, Legal Counsel, Liability, Extreme Sports, SOS Car Help, Life Assistant. But I’m not sure if this is just for Dutchies. I would suggest to google Long Term Travel Insurance or Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads.

Arrange an international driving license

If you have a driver license or even a scooter license, make sure to go to a place in your country where they can issue an International Drivers License. In the Netherlands, that’s the ANWB! It’s a walk-in thing and takes only 5 minutes. You have to bring your driver license, passport and 2 passport photographs. It looks stupid, a paper with a stapled photo. BUT if you drive to Kuta and get stopped by the police, this is the only thing that will keep them from fining you. I experienced it and I didn’t have to pay and my friend who didn’t have one had to pay 250K(€16,80) but this can go up to 2 Million(€135) as they are corrupt mostly. So just get it and have it in your bag or scooter. The International Driving License costs only €25 in the Netherlands.

Get a Credit Card or exchange card

I would definitely advise getting a second payment card as sometimes ATM’s or shops don’t accept debit cards. I just got mine at Rabobank where I also have my debit card. Next to this, you could look into exchange free international banks or services (like Transferwise). I personally didn’t but heard that it can save you money too.

Selling your clothes/Furniture

Moving for a long period? Consider making some money by selling furniture or clothes. Before I moved I knew that it was the last time that I was going to live with my parents for a longer time. So I managed to sell a lot of furniture via Facebook Marketplace, which covered my Visa expenses basically! I also listed ALL clothes that I was not going to bring on United Wardrobe and earned over 900 Euros from it, YAY this covered my Flight Tickets ???? So if you are moving for a long period too, consider getting rid of things that you don’t use or won’t bring with you. I still have some things listed, and my sweet Mom still ships some clothes for me so now and then.

Where am I going to live?

So this was actually not really something that scared me as Bali has so many places to live on a budget. I decided to book at a guesthouse for 1 week, so I could find a place while I was there. I preferred this as I want to view the place in person and meet the people I was going to live with. We stayed at Krisna Guesthouse(Rama Village), as it was cheap, had a pool and nice rooms. I moved into a 3 bedroom villa with 2 girls, in Berawa.

Read more in this section: House Hunting in Bali

How am I going to make friends/ connections?

KYND Sunflower Wall in Bali Seminyak

Easy! There are literally so many event and groups where people daily post meetups or get-togethers. As a girl, I’m in the Canggu Nomad Girls Group. They have a weekly Wednesday lunch and a get together at Echo Beach Club on Friday! There are lots of other groups like this, also for expats from certain countries, professions and more. Just write a post saying hello, when you arrive and asking who wants to hang out and boom! And then there is, of course, Bumble BFF, an app to meet new friends. And also apps like Tourbar, travelbuddy or Backpackr to easily meet friends that are travelling too. I personally prefer to meet people at events or from groups as they will mainly stay long term. I listed some cool events in the section: Once you are on Bali too!

Packing your bags

Hehe so this was my biggest struggle. The first time I moved to Bali I had 2 checked in Bags(40KG) a hand luggage trolley and a bag. Not convenient at all. So I told myself I can only take 1 big suitcase, a trolley and a bag. Therefore, started to pack 1.5 weeks in advance so I could think about it and not disappoint myself too much. I basically did a partnership with NAKD and brought an entirely new wardrobe.

Thus, I left all things at home/ sold it if I wore it before. I brought 22 Bikini’s (SAY WHAT, I know I’m sorry) Next to that, I brought the basics; shirts, tops, dresses, shorts, long pants, gym outfits, 6 pairs of shoes, jewellery, makeup, Beauty products and bed sheets(for my asthma). I decided to put most liquids in small bottles in my hand luggage for the weight. I packed 1 favorite thing of all categories in my hand luggage, in case the big one arrived later. And I always use this funny video to pack, it does the trick.

Things you should bring to Bali:

  • As a girl: TAMPONS! They sell it in some places, but definitely not everywhere!
  • ORS (Oral Re-hydration Sachets)
  • Norit / other black charcoal for Bali Belly
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Peanut butter and drop if you are Dutch ????
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Malaria Tablets in case you are travelling to other islands
  • I personally stocked up my favourite beauty products as they don’t sell them here
  • You could bring mosquito spray, however, most mosquitos are used to our level of ‘ poison’  as they are used to way higher sprays here. So better to buy it here.

Living Costs in Bali

So this really depends on your lifestyle in the end! I personally spend:

  • 6 Million(€390) a month on Rent ( 3 Bedroom Villa, so 18 Million in total)
  • 1.5 Million(€98) on Electricity, Water, Pool guy, Cleaner, Drink Water
  • My budget for food is 100K(€6,50) a day, but I often go over it if we go out or are a day away. I think this depends but I could say you can make it work for 100K a day if you eat out at Warungs. It could be even cheaper if you shop at the local market and cook all your own meals. So as I said, depends per person.  Comes down to 3 Million a month
  • Scooter 650K(€43) a month
  • Laundry 40K/ week = 160K(€2,60)
  • I added 3 Million(€195) a month for activities/ other things

= Let’s say 11.5 Million a month= €779

However, if you live in a hostel or a cheap guesthouse you could live even cheaper! I decided to live like this for 3 months and then reevaluate what I want to do.

Essential Apps – Download before you go

So I’m telling you to download these apps already before you go, you can register on them once you have your Indonesian number. I’ve just seen that some people(especially apple) have issues with their app store and downloading after they have changed numbers. So here we go!

  • Radius – Brings everything to you! Delivery, drivers, massages, tours(for example Nusa Penida), alcohol delivery and much more. It also has recommendations, so it’s n go-to app for everything! USE RADIUSB49f2954 when registering to get 15% off your first order!
  • GoJeck – Transportation app, Delivery App. Really easy to use for scooter transportation or cars
  • Grab – Transportation app, 3 years ago this was bigger than Gojeck, tables turned
  • – Great navigation app when the internet is not working properly. As google maps can fall out sometimes.
  • Currency Converter – Really Easy to be mindful on how much something is in your own currency
  • Peooople App – Find Recommendations easily! And when you post recommendations you even earn money, it’s a win-win.

Things you need to know before you move to Bali

Culture & Traditions – Religion

Bali, The Island of the Gods” I honestly love the culture and traditions of Bali. Bali has it’s own unique religion, Bali-Hinduism. Over 80% in Indonesia is Muslim, however, Bali is unique because of its Hindu-Animist religion. It has elements of Animism, Ancestor worship and Hinduism. The religion has a lot of daily activities such as offering, weekly and monthly rituals followed by certain special days.  Next to that Balinese dances, music and art are a big part of the religion too. There are also lots of other elements such as black magic, the supernatural, spirits and more. You can read more on this page that I found, I am working on a blog post dedicated to the culture and religion with a friend of mine who lives here.

One more thing that I would like to mention. It is extremely important to respect cultures and religions. When you visit a temple or anything religious, cover your shoulders and wear a traditional sarong. Sarongs are very cheap and can be super pretty too! I use it for everything: to sit on the scooter so you don’t burn/ sweat your ass off when I burned my legs when I want to sit on something and more! So there is no harm in always having a sarong with you. Next to this, respect that as a woman, you CAN’T enter a temple or holy ground when you are on your period. Just don’t do it! They believe that you are spiritually unclean when you are menstruating. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, respect their culture and beliefs.

Bali time

You have to get used to the Bali time when you live in Bali. And I’m not talking about the time zones, I’m talking about the Mañana Mañana vibes. Everything in Bali is relaxed, and therefore often slow. People are mostly late to appointments or don’t show up at all and say that they will come tomorrow. However, this is just their way of doing things. And if you pressure them to do certain things fast, they don’t appreciate it as they rather take the time and do things properly. Which I think is sometimes better. So sit back, relax and go with the flow ????

Insects & Animals

I don’t think this is a huge deal, but yeah you will experience some different things here of course. I have a lot of ants in my house and kitchen. It’s better to only put dry things in your kitchen bin and throw everything in the outside bin with food or sweet things. It’s also better to clean your dishes right away after dinner, as the ants will just start to gather if you leave it for too long. Furthermore, we had some cockroaches’ in our clothing wardrobe and ground floor. But it’s not too bad. You just get a bucket and throw them outside. DON’t kill them ever! As they will produce a fragrance that will attract even more. cockroaches.

I haven’t seen * knocks on wood* any spiders yet. 3 years ago I haven’t seen any either while I lived here for 4 months. So it’s definitely not that bad compared to Australia(try to google spiders in Australia). However, things like spiders, snakes, bugs and other strange insects will depend on your location. I live in Canggu which is close to the ocean so there are fewer bugs and insects here.

The more inward you go on the island( think about Ubud) the more jungle and rice fields so also more insects and animals. Moreover, you also have to get used to salamanders and geckos. Salamanders will be everywhere, also in your room. But they will stay on the walls and catch flies for you. Mine is called Hendrik, it’s like my roommate/pet. Gekko’s can make a loud noise also at night, so don’t get scared as they can’t actually harm you. Prepare yourself for the sound here.

Right before you go


Arrange airport transport before so you don’t get scammed at the airport! I know two drivers that will bring you to Canggu for 250K/200K €17) they will wait at the airport with a sign for you. Remember that they sometimes have to wait for 2-3 hours as you have to pass immigration. You can get a driver at the airport too, but with way higher prices and of course, you don’t know if they will ask for more money when you arrive at your house. When I arrived, Grab and Gojeck were not allowed at the airport. Anyone ordering them there would get beaten up, and the driver would be scared to come to you. So I would rather arrange transport before, and it’s nice to have someone wait for you with a sign too!

  • Hendrik(he picked me up): +6281938687222
  • Oblix: +6281916732004

Renting and Driving a Scooter in Bali

** ALWAYS Ask a helmet and wear it too! A lot of accident happens without it being the fault of anyone, just because the traffic is crazy. You don’t have to fall hard. If you fall on a wrong angle you break your neck or have serious brain damage. Don’t. Be. Stupid ** Also get an international driver license as I mentioned before.

3 Years ago I drove scooter for the first time in Bali, actually on Nusa Penida. This was scary but I got used to it quite quickly. In the Netherlands, we drive on the right, and in Bali, you drive on the left. But I got used to it so quickly and it was easy to adapt to traffic too. I definitely think anyone physically healthy should be able to drive a motorbike. You just have to be careful and considerate of other drivers. But you get the hang of that quickly too. Canggu is fine, it’s not too busy or crazy to drive. We have even driven on a scooter to Ubud, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Denpasar, Sanur – without troubles,

If you are smart, you already arrange a scooter before you arrive and just have the guy drop it off in the evening at your accommodation. I am paying 650K a month( €45) and I do think from what I heard that I have one of the cheapest. I would ask for a Scoopy(like Vespa) as they are not going too fast and are very cute! Otherwise, you get a race scooter, which guys probably prefer ???? I feel like prices range from 650K a month up to 1.5 Million if you want a fancy one. I also know some people who bought a scooter and sold it when they left, this worked out even cheaper for them.

This is my Scooter Guy: +6285738471797

This overall works out cost-effective compared to renting a Gojeck all the time and will give you lots of freedom.

Once you are in Bali

Arriving at the airport

So I hope that you already booked your driver as I mentioned above, who will wait for you at the outside area of the airport with a lovely sign. But before you see him, you will have to pass immigration. I noticed that this takes a long time, every time I visit Bali. It’s not because they ask a lot of questions but because of the speed and the fact that only 3 people are helping 3 new full planes that just arrived. They will just ask you what you are doing here and possibly ask for your return ticket, then give you the stamps. After this, you will be able to get your checked baggage and walk the hallways to the outside area of the airport where all drivers are waiting. Ask your driver to help you with the next 2 points: Getting Cash & a Sim Card.

Getting Cash

I would recommend asking your driver to stop at an ATM somewhere, ask for a bank. As they know which banks are safe and allow you to get a lot of cash at once. I often get 3-5million(€201- €335) per transaction so I don’t have to pay exchange rates and so on.  Also, you will now have money to pay the driver too! ** Don’t forget to take your card out and click: Done. The machine will first give you cash, then ask if you want another transaction without giving your card back just yet. Jep, this is a mistake that many make.

Getting a Sim card in Bali

So I asked my driver to stop at a Sim card place too, we went to Happy Cell as they are in Canggu. But you can find any of these shops around where you are staying, just ask the driver. I got mine at XL Axiata, a sim card and 10GB internet is what I first did. After you run out, you can top this up at most supermarkets. I know some of my friends use Telkomsel,  but the guy at Happy Cell told me XL Axiata was faster so I did that one. I think I paid 150K for the Simcard & 10GB (€10)

House Hunting in Bali

This is where the fun starts if you are in Bali for the long run and booked something temporary now. I found my house via the Canggu Girls Community Accommodation group. We viewed houses for 3 full days and then found this gem! Next to that, I recommend joining all these groups: Bali Cheap House Rent, Bali Cheap House Rentals, Bali Housing and Accommodation, Rent House Villa in Bali, Bali House for Rent, Bali Canggu & Seminyak Housing and just add yourself to a lot more! I basically wrote a nice post saying who I am, where I am from, what I am looking for(Pool, Good Wifi, Own Bathroom), what my budget is (6 Million a month), location ( Canggu, Berawa) and added a nice picture of myself.

I then posted this all at once in all those groups with 1 click! And boom, messages started to fly in and we booked over 15 viewings. I also used these websites to contact people: Bali Budget Housing, Villa Bali and Bali Long Term Rentals.

Berawa is my favourite area in Canggu as it’s quite calm and local. There are local markets and lots of nice working cafes. I know other people who live in Canggu Batu Bolong, Sanur, Amed, Ubud and Denpasar. I lived in Denpasar 3 years ago and liked it, but I prefer Canggu.

We viewed houses for 3 days in a row and then decided!

Doing Laundry

Basically just google near your place: Laundry, or watch the signs in your street. I go once a week and bring 2 big bags, I can pick them up 24 hours later. So if I bring them in the morning it’s the next morning, evening it’s the next evening. I always receive them ironed, folded and wrapped! 2 Big bags(no idea how much KG) was 40K (€2,69) I go to Khalia Laundry as that’s close to my house.

Cleaning your house

Sometimes the cleaner is already hired by the homeowner, guest house or wherever you are staying. With us it’s exclusive, so we always get someone via GoClean – an option on GoJeck to order someone to come over and clean. You can order them per hour basically, and they will be right at your doorstep. If you like someone you can always arrange them to come a set day a week outside of Go Clean, as you will pay a % to GoJeck and the cleaners too. We always get someone for 2 hours, which is 65K (€4,40)

Furniture / General House Things

I am planning to do an extensive post on this but these are some of the cheapest and best places. How to move to Bali definitely requires furniture and general shopping! Some stores are in Denpasar, but it’s all on the same street and so worth it! This street is called Jalan Gatot Subroto, it also has nice restaurants and things like MacDonald, KFC, Panties Pizza and more.3 years ago, I lived in Puri Saron Hotel Denpasar, located opposite of Tokoku, that’s why I knew that these places are so cheap compared to Canggu! There are also more furniture shops on this street, so just have a look.

Name Store Location You can buy:
Tokoku Denpasar Kitchen Equipment, Glasses, Plates, China, Cleaning Equipment, Baskets, Bins, Plastics, Bin Bags &other household thing. ( It’s basically a store for everything)
Tiara Gatsu(Local Shopping Mall) Denpasar Blender, Water Machine, Cleaning Products, Spices, Herbs, Oils, Sauces, Cheap Food in general, toothpaste, creams, soap, tampons, pads, and so much more!!
ACE Hardware Denpasar Any other electronics or hardware
Kerobokan Prison Kerobokan Closets, Beds, Cabinets, Tables (Big furniture)
Amazing Store! ( Don’t know the name, located on the crossing) Kerobokan Baskets, mirrors, straw bags, Bali bags, Baskets and basically everything boho/yarn style
Home Basket(bit more pricey than above) Kerobokan Baskets, mirrors, straw bags, Bali bags, Baskets and basically everything boho/yarn style
Bamboo Ladders Kerobokan Bamboo ladder for towels 150K (€9,90)
Lamps Kerobokan Custom made lamps
Miracle Home Decor Instagram / Online Trustworthy shop! They are cheap and deliver the cutest things. Browse their Instagram and text them what you want.
So Sweet Mall Instagram / Online Trustworthy shop! They are cheap and deliver the cutest things. Browse their Instagram and text them what you want.
Plants – Garden Centre Kerobokan This entire street is full of Garden Centres. We got the best price and best plans at the garden centre attached to this warung called Warung Kebunku 250K for 9 plants (€11)
Straw Bags Kerobokan Straw Bags and Vintage Clothes (Straw bags from 60K (€4)
Berawa Food Market Canggu I buy all local food here! Tempe, Veggies, Fruit, Herbs and much more. Best price & Quality
Zero Waste Bali Canggu Organic and Natural everything! I buy here my shampoo as it’s parabens and sulfate-free!
Bali Bags(round ones) Street towards Teggalang Ricefields Bali Bags 100K (€6,70)
Yarn Wall Hanger Street towards Teggalang Ricefields Yarn Wall Hanger 300K (€20,10)

Topping up Electricity(if needed)

We have to top up our own electricity. Basically, there is this machine outside our house telling us how much kWh we have left. You take a photo of the sticker with numbers on the machine and go to the supermarket. Ask them to top up and tell them how much (from 50K onwards). You will get a receipt with a code. After this you go home and type in the code, it should say ‘ Accept’ and top it up for you. I would advise to just all put 500K on it at once so you don’t have to go every day. I think we use around 20 – 40 kWh per day, the aircon is only on at night.

** You can’t top up electricity anywhere between 23:00 and 03:00 at night! **

Buying Water Tanks

We bought a water machine at Tiara Gatsu 150K(€9,90) and have someone deliver us the big water tank every 1-2 days for 22K(1,50) We drink only from this and use it for cooking too.

This is our water guy: +62 813-3857-7347

Pool Guy

We have a pool guy coming twice a week to clean, check the numbers and throw in some chemicals. It’s necessary to avoid diseases and bacteria’s, and no, you can’t do it yourself. We pay him 400K (€26,82) a month and he comes twice a week.

This is our Pool Guy: Kadem Kolam: +62085739390606

Fitness & Sport in Bali

Local gyms will be very cheap, but won’t have any AC and probably only guys. I found that a lot of gyms are really expensive (up to 1.8 Million a month (€121) so I actually haven’t made a decision yet. I would recommend to go and check them in person and use FitTripper to get the best deals and cheapest prices! You can read more in the blog post from HoneyCombers about gyms in Canggu.

Food Poisoning – Bali Belly

So I got food poisoning after a month in Bali. The last time I lived here for 4 months I didn’t have anything! My friend and  I ate a banana pancake at the warung across my house, and we both got sick. So what happens with Bali Belly? Basically I threw up for 2 days straight, had a fever and of course wonderful diarrhoea (but like I was peeing from my ass lol). It was bad, and I was sick for 5 full days. Bali belly can be caused by contaminated food and water, the majority is caused by bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. You can read more details and information here.

Some of my advice is: Bring hand sanitizer and use it before you eat. Don’t ever drink water from the tap. You don’t have to worry about ice cubes in restaurants, as these are controlled by the government and come from bottled water. Furthermore, I have to say, food poisoning can happen everywhere. Whether it’s a fancy western restaurant or a warung. Just be smart in what you order(avoid fish or runny eggs at dodgy places) and I personally don’t eat at stands on the street.

And when you get Bali Belly drink ORS, use active Charcoal, buy electrolyte drinks( Procari Sweat, you can buy it at any supermarket) and follow the BRAT diet for a week(Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). Next to this, don’t forget to drink loads of water. Moreover, avoid sweets, sugar and processed foods. What helped me a lot was: Dry Rice and Miso Soup. And hey, you can order via GoJeck so you don’t even have to leave the house ????

Eating Out

Cheap Warungs I recommend: Something To Eat, Canggu Canteen ( will add more along the way <3)

International places: Hungry Bird, Lola’s, Koloni, The Common, FullFeel

Instagrammable Café’s: KYND, GIVE,

I will do a separate post on cafes and restaurants soon!

Networking & Connecting + Events!

There are great events happening every day! Just check the Facebook events section on your nearby location. Events range from business events, networking places, speed dating and beer pong to movie nights.

Events/Meetups that I regularly attend:

  • Canggu Nomad Girls Lunch – 13:00 at The Mocca on Wednesday
  • Canggu Nomad Girls Sunset Drinks – 17:00/18:00 at Echo Beach Club(followed by dances at the Lawn!)
  • Cinema Night at Alternative Beach Club – 19:00

Learn the language

It’s so cool to learn a bit Bahasa while living on Bali! Especially when you are planning to stay a bit longer. They have really cheap classes or even locals who are willing to teach you. You can also download Duolingo and practice Bahasa on there in a fun way!

Places you should visit while in Bali – 100%

Where to Party in Bali?

  • Old Men’s – Canggu { Live Bands, Techno, events like beerpong}
  • Sandbar – Canggu { Dance in the ocean under the stars on EDM and commercial (My FAV)}
  • The Lawn – Canggu { For Friday’s, go before 10PM to get 1+1 cocktails}
  • Luigi’s – Canggu { Pizza & Drinks, best to go Monday evening!}
  • Pretty Poison – Canggu {Skating & Bar}
  • La Brisa – Canggu {Beach Club}
  • Finns – Canggu {Beach Club}
  • La Favela – Seminyak {Really huge place and good music}
  • Shishi – Seminyak {Free Drinks before 11PM}
  • SkyGarden – Kuta {Very touristic but cool}

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Your groceries at local markets. It’s sometimes 10x cheaper!
  • Eat at local warungs
  • Go to Denpasar for furniture
  • Arrange an airport pickup before you go
  • Visit more places than just Kuta and Canggu


  • Drink tap water
  • Get Bali Belly
  • Overstay your Visa
  • Kill Cockroaches
  • Leave food in your kitchen
  • Go to the monkey forest
  • Visit Elephant ‘ Sanctuaries’
  • Try / Visit Luwak Coffee Places

WOW that was a long post! But I just wanted to make sure I cover everything on How to move to Bali in a short way. As I mentioned before, there are more in detail blog posts coming per topic. But for now, if you have more questions feel free to leave a comment and I will make sure to get back to you! <3

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Picture with red dress in ricefield How to Move to Bali in 2020
Picture with red dress in ricefield How to Move to Bali in 2020 clean
Tegallalang Rice Terrace Picture with red dress in Bali ricefield  How to Move to Bali in 2020
A complete guide on how to move to Bali in 2020, Visa, Simcard, Transport, Insurance, Instagram, Online Work, Flights, Visa Run, Extension, Making money, culture, Balinese, Canggu, House hunting, Villa, Finding a house
A complete guide on how to move to Bali in 2020, Visa, Simcard, Transport, Insurance, Instagram, Online Work, Flights, Visa Run, Extension, Making money, culture, Balinese, Canggu, House hunting, Villa, Finding a house
A complete guide on how to move to Bali in 2020, Visa, Simcard, Transport, Insurance, Instagram, Online Work, Flights, Visa Run, Extension, Making money, culture, Balinese, Canggu, House hunting, Villa, Finding a house

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