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Henley on Thames Trip Guide & Instagrammable Places

Here are some top Henley on Thames Trip/Instagrammable Guide and Places to visit and shoot in the United Kingdom

  1. The Riverside

It’s what this little town is known for, the gorgeous river. Take a nice walk along the riverside and look at all the boats passing by. The bridge has cute little lights at night time. Enjoy a water cruise or even rent a small boat yourself.

2. National Trust – Grey’s Court – ????  Rotherfield Greys, Henley-on-Thames RG9 4PG

This national trust is definitely worth a visit! This national trust is located at +- 20 min walk from Henley town. It has gorgeous flower fields, art, historic houses and much more! It was gorgeous during spring as all flowers just bloomed. There are a few other national trusts located near to Henley too, we didn’t have the time for them but I would definitely give it a go. We got a year membership at National Trust as that is the same price as visiting 3 national trusts separately.

3. Henley Festival

Okay, I was not here during the festival when I visited with Aba. But I was in Henley once before, when I just moved to the UK. And at that time they had this festival. It was crazy busy but looked very cool. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in as 1. we had no tickets and 2. there is a specific dress code. But if you have the chance, I would definitely try to join this festival!

4. Hotel Du Vin ???? New St, Henley-on-Thames RG9 2BP

Okay so IF we are talking Instagrammable, this is THE Hotel! It had these gorgeous bathtubs, an amazing big window where you can sit in and just generally speaking great aesthetics. Furthermore, it was located very centrally in Henley and had the most amazing staff! So it definitely belongs to the Henley on Thames Trip/Instagrammable Guide

5. Nature and countryside around Henley

So if you walk outside of Henley for a bit you see all these amazing fields with horses and cows. I really loved the countryside around Henley! It was such a big contrast with London and just felt so much like a holiday. There are a lot of cool walking routes too where you are allowed to walk through fields.

6. Visit Hidden Pubs

There are cool pubs all around! And enough cafes and restaurants to have a nice meal. But there are some exceptional pubs that are a bit hidden. Have a look for The AnchorThe Row Barge or the Bird in Hand.

7. River and Rowing Museum ???? Mill Meadows, Henley-on-Thames RG9 1BF

This museum features special exhibitions, information about the river and history. It has a lot of fun activities to do and has a nice little cafe. It was acknowledged by The Times as one of the best 50 museums in the world.

8. Hit the shops

Henley has a lot of small shops like boutique, handmade things, antique and much more! It’s really fun to have a look around and see what kind of quirky things they sell. Click here for all the shops.

9. Notice all the funny store names

Okay, so Aba and I were kind of shocked/ amazed by all the funny shop names. Some didn’t really make sense to us. I think Henley is officially the only town with so many weird shop names. Have a look at the pictures and let me know if you agree…


  • Have a drink at the riverside
  • Plan to visit during the Festival
  • Go to a National Trust


  • Wear heels when visiting a national trust
  • Forget your walking shoes

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