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Best Apps to use for Instagram in 2020

I get quite a lot of messages asking about the apps that I use to plan, edit, make stories and basically all else for Instagram. So I thought, let’s make a no bullshit guide with all the things that I use. Short ‘n sweet about the Best Apps to use for Instagram in 2020.

Coordination Apps


I personally use Garny for my 2 accounts as it’s super easy to drag and drop pictures to colour coordinate my feed and theme. I find that with other apps, the pictures that are posted on the gram appear as grey/faded. Which makes it harder to look at the actual colours. Also, it allows you to have 2 accounts for free. It doesn’t auto-post for you. I am not a big fan of auto-posting anyway, as it decreases the quality a lot! I’ve tried many auto-posting apps before(like Later) but they really decrease quality as they need to compress the picture and upload it from their server, instead of directly from the 1st source. Garny is available on android only. Watch a tutorial here. This app belongs definitely to my favorite app to use for Instagram in 2020.


Another great one I use for another account(lol I have 6) is preview. It works very similar to Garny, I just think Garny is more user-friendly so I use that for my main accounts. Watch a tutorial here.

Schedule apps

So I tried this before and it saves a lot of time. But often you have to compromise for the quality that these apps post to your socials. As they compress the files in order to post automatically from their server. So I stopped using them and use planning apps so I know which post comes next, but I post them myself from the library. These are apps that I tried before:


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Apphi Post


Story template apps


Unfold is a great tool to combine several stories to one. You can use great free templates or upgrade for very little to some other cool themes. I use the polaroid one a lot, even for my feed posts.  The cool thing is that you can save certain templates with multiple pages for the next time, with titles. So you could create a certain template for story shout outs, unboxing and so on.


I have fallen in love with this app! And upgraded to premium too! It doesn’t only have a huge option of themes, it also has animated stories and really cool effects. I think this makes everything look very professional. You can kind off save templates you used previously, but if you take the images out(so blank) it will delete that template itself sadly.


I use Canva for everything and anything. This is an amazing app and website where you can design almost everything: flyers, posters, social media posts, banners and so much more. Perfect if you don’t have design software or if you like to use templates.

Photo editing

So for editing I always use my own presets on Adobe Lightroom Desktop version. Sometimes when I’m on holidays I would use the app, but since I always have my laptop with me now I prefer to edit on my laptop. However, there are some apps that I use to enhance/fix/improve some of my shots.

Adobe Lightroom

So as I mentioned above, you can also use this program on your phone as an app. It works very similarly, you can even load presets in the app too which is super convenient. Sometimes I use the app to make a few last-minute tweaks if it appears too saturated on my phone for example when I want to post something.


So I used to use VSCO when I just started my Instagram. #vscogirl It has quite a big range of nice filters if you don’t fancy getting into Adobe. However, I think the filters are basic and you can´t fully optimize all settings as Adobe allows you.


Afterlight has nice filters too. I mainly used it to add some extra things. I used it to add fade-in my Netherlands theme. And also some dust or light leaks in my London Red theme. Apparently there are 2 different ones for IOS and Android but they work the same.


Okay, so I love that I discovered Picsart! It´s an easy way to replace a sky, add sparkles, add stars, birds and basically anything. I don´t encourage you to overdue this especially if it paints an unrealistic picture of a certain place or destination. But I always say as long as it could be real, it´s fine. And what I mean with that is that when I shoot a night picture, I think I can add some stars because when it´s night you often see stars. But what I don´t like is that people change entire tourist attractions to something else and disappoint their followers because, if they go there they won’t see that building or fountain in rl. AND don´t lie about using these apps, just educate your followers on the real deal too.


I used this app recently when I didn’t manage to remove people in the background smoothly. You basically submit your request( can be anything from removing objects/people, changing backgrounds, creative edits, stars and more) to the app, and someone human will work on your photo for a max of 2 hours.  Use my code 8ZDmO1L6DH

Remove unwanted objects

This app just does what it says, it removes unwanted objects easily. It works best when the object that you want to remove is not to close to other objects that need to remain.


I use these apps to soften my skin or brighten my face. A bit like face tune but less extreme.

Point Blur

This app can blur the background a bit so the subject stands out more.

Videos/Gif editing apps


I use this app when I’m filming with my DJI gimbal. A gimbal helps to maintain stable footage while moving or walking. I have the DJI Osmo Mobile 2, as it can be used for portrait and landscape mode.

Screen Recorder

I use a screen recorder to make videos of the things I do on my phone. It can be useful for shoutouts or to show your followers how something works and so on.


I love this app for video editing! It´s super easy to use but has all the main functions needed for a quick phone edit.

IMG Play

This app is amazing to create GIFS, stop-motion and boomerang videos. This app allows you to create a video from a burst of photos. This photo has an example in the second slide, I did a hair flip burst and created this video. You can choose how fast or slow it goes.

These were the Best Apps to use for Instagram in 2020! I have some additional websites and other favorite apps below:

Caption Generator

This really amazing generator allows you to have caption breaks on Instagram without using signs. It also has options to have words in italic or bold.

AR Filters

Many creators designed AR filters that can be used on Instagram stories. I think it´s a fun way to make your stories more interactive and animated. I created some AR filters too which you can find on my profile at the face icon.

Other Apps I dig


I use Touchnote to send cards to all my friends anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for when I’m travelling and for when I’m meeting people from other countries as it ships worldwide! You can design your own card, use Touchnotes designs or combine both! It’s very personal as you can adjust the message, add photos and stickers.


This app is amazing for selling your 2nd hand and vintage clothing pieces. (I’ve done 800 Euros profit in 1 month!) It can go very fast and is so easy to use. United Wardrobe takes 10% commission from your sales, the good thing is that the prices are excluding shipping and that the buyer pays the shipping costs. AND it’s also perfect for shopping clothes for very low prices. Often people sell clothes that look like new or you can find the coolest vintage items there. Join United Wardrobe here.


So I started to use Tiktok as Gary Vee convinced me that it will be THE new thing soon. Alongside Linked-in of course. So I started my account and will definitely create more content soon!

Also, would love to know your favourite apps too! Let me know if the comments x Jet

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