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Being a Digital Nomad

You might have seen this somewhere already, but I am a digital nomad and I have my own business ( Mar_jetsetter) since December 2017. I started my business with no social media presence because it doesn’t require followers of any kind. This is still a big deal to me as I don’t want my business to depend on Instagram or any kind of social network. Instagram could die tomorrow, your account could be deleted, everyone could unfollow you or who knows what could happen. And I want to do what I love, Instagram or No Instagram.
What is it that you do exactly? ‘
 This is a question that I get a lot. Because I am not promoting it that actively yet on my socials because it is not needed. So let’s dive into this: I have a few different income streams at the moment: Social Media( Sponsored posts), My webshop with Presets, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, E-Learning, Cryptocurrency and E-commerce. Sounds like a lot, but in the end most of it is connected. My sponsored posts and Webshop are related to Instagram. And they are absolutely not one of my main income streams. Income of these are relatively low and fluctuates a lot. It’s a nice extra but definitely not my end game.
I used to work a 9-5 life that consumed me. I felt like a robot and every day was the same. You wake up, eat, go to work, go home, cook, eat, do something, sleep and it starts all over. Every weekday you are looking forward to the weekend. Every other day you look forward to your 14 days holiday a year. Is that the reason why we live on this planet called Earth? Are we meant to live like robots that revolve around work? I know some people do like this safe life, and there is nothing wrong with that. It can make a lot people very happy to have this structured normal life! But I knew that I always wanted more. I am not on this earth to live an average life. I want to actually live and do every single thing I always wanted! Imagine that someone would tell you that you have 10 days left in life?  What would you do in those 10 days? Why not do it all now because you could be actually dead in 10 days or even less. The world could explode and you wouldn’t have done the things you wanted. We as humans tend to say: I want to do this when: I am older/ have money/ have this/ feel this. NO, do it now because there might be no tomorrow.
What if this earth would be the last thing beneath your feet. What would you do with it?’  – Well hun, it is the last thing beneath your feet.
How did I start Affiliate and Network marketing?
I was living in Asia for 6 months when I met my current mentor. She is also from the Netherlands and we talked about travel and how she was already travelling the world for many years! I became super curious to learn how all of this worked as it was 100% new to me. During my time in Asia, I already discovered some famous Insta bloggers and dreamed about becoming a travel blogger to travel the world for free! My mentor showed me that there are many more ways to do this next to being a famous Instagrammer. I wouldn’t need followers. I decided to take the leap and joined her team in December 2017. I am now very happy that I did as Instagram changed a lot over the year and the algorithm is a real bitch. And yes we just have to deal with it. But it makes it a lot harder to become a big (real) travel blogger and collab with hotels and airlines to travel as many people just buys their followers nowadays.
I started with affiliate and network marketing because it is a very easy way to start off and I had no experience at that moment that could help me to create an online and passive income. I already worked with affiliate links before: I promoted clothing items on my Instagram, I would earn a small commission ( like 2 $) every time someone would buy this with my link. I realized that this would take ages to earn enough money to travel as these were very small amounts. The business I am now in allows you to earn 1000 (or more) per single sale. And this is what makes it interesting. Because Imagine: selling a product( like a dress) and earning 2 euros. You would need to make 100 sales to earn 2000 euros. Now I would need to make 2 sales to earn the same amount of money. And in the end, you will promote, invest, sell, talk, market and so on the same. So I rather do it 2 times than 100 times if you get what I mean. Then the other benefit is that you make high commissions per sale is that you can earn a lot more then you would do with a 9-5 job on average. I now earn sometimes more in 1 day then I used to earn in an entire month( working 39 h/w). And that might sound crazy, but that’s the power of the digital age we live in.
Both affiliate and network marketing offer many benefits. I wanted to have my own business already since I was a kid, inspired by my dad. But I knew that an own (offline) business would require me to stay in one place. Not forgetting that you would need to invest in: Products, employees, a store, bills, marketing, payment, legal aspects and much more as you can guess.
This business has an existing framework, like a franchise.
You can benefit from all their services and programs, the only thing you need to do is sell these products. So yep, this business required you to invest a bit as well. And I did and earned everything back already. It’s a small investment when you compare it with starting your own offline business or building your completely own online business. So let’s see it as a franchise business. I am still the owner of Mar_Jetsetter, I still decide when I work, I decide what I earn and I decide WHERE I work. YAY, so bottom line I can travel the world. I can hear you think : ‘ Okay so WTF are you selling?’ Good question. I sell diverse things online: Courses, E-commerce, E-learning and much more. Most important is that its all online and digital.
I guess that its also fair to say that I did try some other businesses before. And I fell on my face big time. I tried things on my own without any mentor or team and it was not a success. I didn’t know what to do and it was very stressful. With another attempt, I lost 1900 euros, pretty ugly story. Anyways, I am now very happy that I am part of this amazing team that offers me 24/7 support. They are from all over the world. Some are travellers like me, but we also have many parents that would like to stay at home or people that just do this business on the side. Because it’s basically just working remotely, freelancing, franchising whatever you want to call it.
There is much more to talk about, much more to explain. But I guess that at this point you already made up your mind: Either you think its interesting for yourself or you think its bullshit. If you think it’s bullshit; please feel free to click this window away, run away, scream : Fine by me! Because in the end, I am going to keep doing what I am doing anyway. I don’t need to convince anyone to join me. You know deep inside if this is the lifestyle you desire. You know that you don’t want to live the 9-5 robot lifestyle anymore like I used to do. And why not try it? If I didn’t take the leap I would now still ask myself WHAT IF.
Because darling, every day, you have two choices: You either continue to sleep with your dreams OR you wake up and build them. It’s your choice.
If you are interested feel free to join my Facebook group. I share more information in this group for the people that are interested. In this group, I offer some possibilities to teach people how to do the same as myself and my team. xxx Jet

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