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Ejimoo, a simplified social media alternative

This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why: 

As a creator, I know how difficult social media can be, and what it does to my mental health. As you guys may know, I was a guest at a TV show for Omrop Fryslan. This episode covered Social Influence and what social media does with your brain mainly focused on neuroscience. As I was one of the panel members of this show I researched and prepared myself for this topic. Vasily Klucharev was the main guest, he is a neuroscientist and talked to us about the influence of social media. This experience made me even more conscious of what Instagram actually does with us. How it makes us addicted to likes and comments while feeding us endorphin. And that is why I am so excited to work with Ejimoo, a simplified social media alternative focusing on positivity and sharing real experiences.  I will tell you why this app will replace Instagram.

Omrop Fryslan TV Show

Ejimoo’s unique features:

Say bye to bots and fake followers – Verify with Phone Number only

A really cool feature from Ejimoo is that everyone has to register with a phone number instead of an email address. Any phone number can only be linked to one account, making it way harder to have fake accounts and bots. As you know, it’s easy to create fake e-mail addresses. However, creating fake phone numbers and maintaining verification is harder and time-consuming. Of course, there can be people that will try this, however, it already decreases the presence of bots and fake account a lot! 

I think this is definitely something Instagram is lacking. The number of bots, fake followers, bought likes and spam accounts is unreal. They are trying to remove many, but can never keep up with automation tools that constantly create new email addresses and accounts. For example, when I would post a story Question now, 80% of the replies will be from bots saying: Hi @mar_jetsetter, check out my account. While I probably asked: Ask any questions around Bali! Yeah, not cool. 

Nothing beats the real-life – Black & White Pictures

It can be very hard to remember what is real and what is not with all the presets, heavy editing apps, face tune and photoshop. Ejimoo’s black and white feature is meant to remind everyone that we are looking at pictures, and not real life. All pictures on Ejimoo are converted to black and white pictures once posted, you can view the original colours when you tap the picture. This eliminates filters, edits and altered pictures as the black and white picture will remind you that it’s not real life. 

Ejimoo Black and White option

I think this feature is one of the things that will help a lot for our mentality around social media and what it does to our brain. I catch myself comparing to other creators, models, influencers and others when looking at pictures. Sometimes thinking: ‘ Aah I wish I had a picture like this/ looked like this. As I am very conscious about why this happens to everyone, I train myself not to think like that. It’s not easy but it’s definitely possible. It has to do with understanding perspectives and being realistic.

It is proven that young people, especially below 13 years old, can’t do this. They will take everything on social media as factual or as the real thing. They are often are unable to separate it from real life or realize that someone used tools to edit and photoshop. That’s why I think that this option to have it black and white is so great for us to really realize that it’s not real life.  This app will replace Instagram as there won’t be any photoshop or over-edited discussions anymore.

Sharing meaningful moments – Condensed captions

Next to this, they have a feature where captions can’t exceed 99 characters and videos are only 30 seconds. Ejimoo did this so we share meaningful moments and not focus on more and more. They also don’t show the number of posts you posted, as it’s not about posting more but about posting real and valuable moments. 

I think it’s something I struggle with sometimes, captions. Some creators choose to share super long stories, I do from time to time. Others just post 1 line about how much they like coffee, which I like less. With Ejimoo I don’t have to debate that and can just write something real or valuable in a short way. 

No invasive ads and stalking our profiles at Ejimoo

Ejimoo - simplified social media alternative This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why:

Ejimoo has no ads and will not track everything that we do. They currently don’t have any advertising on the platform, that might change once they grow. However, they say that they will never have target driven ads on their platform. 

I think every 4th or 5th post on Instagram in your timeline will be an ad. It can be an add from a creator that sponsored their content or a company that created their ad. I think it’s great that Facebook and Instagram have the option for everyone to create ads as that’s very inclusive. However, it also makes a situation where there are so many ads as everyone just creates them. Target audiences are not checked or controlled by Instagram, so often the ads I get are not relevant or just strange. And I do think having no ads like this will improve your user experience in a social media platform greatly. 

#nocomment – You can’t comment on anything at Ejimoo

Furthermore, they have this cool feature (My Favorite!) that you can’t comment on posts. Which I think is amazing and the way forward. Most Social Media platforms have comment options, as that would be common sense. But Ejimoo doesn’t as they want to get back to the sharing aspects of social media rather than the negative echo chamber that comments often come with. 

Comments are one of the things that stimulate our endorphin. We feel liked, loved, popular and all the rest of it. But that also makes that when we post something and it doesn’t get comments that we feel sad, depressed, not worthy and more. This is just what comments, likes and follows do with our brain. Moreover, this is why pods and comment groups were brought into life. Spending hours engaging on others(that you don’t know) so they engage with your posts. I can admit and say I am in no comment groups, however, I do engage (comment) on other creators for 30 min – 1 hour per post. In the hope that they reciprocate, which often is the case. But to be honest with you, it’s draining.

I like to engage with people and support others! Especially when I like their content! However, when it becomes something you have to do, the fun disappears. So I am happy to see this feature as I think it will be so good for positivity, doing what we love and having no obligations – just sharing what we love.  And this is one of the reasons why I think that this app will replace Instagram once everyone realizes the impacts social media has.

Off on Sunday – Ejimoo is not available on Sundays

Ejimoo - simplified social media alternative This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why:

THANK YOU for this feature! Ejimoo shuts off between 5 AM Sunday morning and 5 AM Monday morning. You can’t access the app and will see this screen, on the left side. This new way of life with Less is more is a great initiative to live your real life on Sunday and stay away from the socials for 1 day. This obligated break is amazing and just so refreshing, to be honest. Not worrying about checking what everyone is up to, or having to post, not thinking about engagement – just living life. Ejimoo wants to show that we could still have traditional values in this modern world like no social media on Sunday! 

Adding to that, I just love the idea of doing activities on Sunday rather than being online. Whether that’s working, blogging, social media, developing or anything digital. Sounds funny, but when I think about raising my future kids, I always say that I want to set special times that they can watch TV or do anything digital. And have them play outside or be with friends for most of the time. People always say that’s impossible, but with features like this, it will be so easy! 

Profile Bar – Linking everything on one place

Ejimoo allows you to link all of your platforms, websites and shops in one place. It’s located in the bio section and comes with all these nice icons. Their goal is that everyone should have Ejimoo and go to their other socials via these links and eventually see if they can survive without all these other social platforms ???? 

Followers? – Don’t really matter

Of course, this counts for any platform, easy to say that followers don’t matter. But the way that they are displayed on many socials is just toxic. On Instagram you get more functions when you hit 10K, making people obsessed about growing and very easily convinces to buy 10K followers for €30. Also, some apps like INTO will only allow you once you have a certain number of followers, imagine what this does to your brain and consciousness. Making it look like followers are needed for certain things. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using these apps as it’s amazing but I do realize what this way of thinking does to people. 

On Ejimoo the app doesn’t show the followers/followings amount in the bio. Only when you click on them it will show the amount. This makes it less about amounts and more about sharing!

FIRE – What are likes? 

Another cool function is that Ejimoo doesn’t do likes, they do Fire. Someone can tap the flame on your picture, there are no hearts or likes. I love this as likes can be associated(there comes the brain story again) with getting love or attention on posts. We (also myself) are too much focused on receiving likes and when we don’t get them we feel like our content is not worth it. Some people even delete posts that didn’t get enough likes, like why?? Post whatever YOU like.

This is why I often say that even though people call me an ‘ Influencer’  my audience is the real influencer. They make me question my content, create content that performed well before and even sometimes change my theme or style. How sick is that actually? So yes moving away from likes and getting something like fire, cool! I’m interested to see what it does to me and my way of thinking. 

Why will this app replace Instagram? 

Ejimoo app will replace Instagram because it’s new, refreshing and different than anything I’ve ever seen before. Next to this, it will have a positive and at least different impact on our brain because of the unique features. Moreover, it will create a positive vibe around posting content removing echo feeding and needing social influence. I do think it would be a healthy way to introduce younger people to social media as well, because of the way it is designed. And I am so excited to see how it develops further!! 

Feel free to ask anything about the app in the comments and hit me up @jet on Ejimoo. Would love to fire your black and white photos. Comment your username below so we can all connect!

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Ejimoo - simplified social media alternative This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why:
Ejimoo - simplified social media alternative This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why:
Ejimoo - simplified social media alternative This new app will replace Instagram very soon, and here is why:

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